About Me

A central driver in my life is a desire to help people live in more harmony with ourselves, others, and the world. I believe we can create a more just and caring society where people feel more unconditionally taken care of. I am passionate about supporting people in their journeys towards greater awareness, vitality, and alignment with their own values.

Wan­na fly, you got to give up the shi**t that weighs you down. Toni Morrison

In my work as a therapist I use integrative Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which I studied as a Diploma on top of my undergraduate degree in Psychology. I have benefited and continue to benefit from working with some great therapists myself, as I believe it is important for therapists to work actively on ourselves and keep that connection with what it is like to be a client in therapy.

I am a member of the Radical Therapist Network (RTN), a recently founded group of psychotherapists who meet regularly to incorporate intersectional and anti-oppressive learning into our practice. I believe this helps me become a more holistic, inclusive therapist, and better able to take responsibility for my own privilege as a white, middle-class, cis-male therapist.

Fight against the strong when we are weak and against ourselves when we are strong. Lluís Maria Xirinacs

My Education/Qualifications

  • Diploma in Counselling and Groupwork - A Cognitive Behavioural Approach (Centre of Therapy, 2017)
  • COSCA counselling skills (Centre of Therapy, 2015)
  • Psychology MA 2:1 degree (Edinburgh University, 2007)
  • IFS Immersion: Integrating Internal Family Systems (IFS) Across Clinical Applications (PESI Online Courses, 2021)
  • Non-Violent Communication - 2-day Foundational Course (2015)
  • 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course (2016)
  • Rethinking Masculinities as a gender violence reduction strategy (2015)
  • ASIST suicide prevention 2-day course (2019)